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My years in the dental industry as a dental assistant, administrator, court certified dental accounts expert and certified behavioral coach has provided me with an unique skillset as a front office trainer, leadership coach,  practice builder and remote insurance claims recovery and billing professional. 

 One of the most critical lessons I've learned about team behavior in dental offices is this:

 A frustrated team member or a negative mindset where a team member is not invested in the practice success; can be at the root of why a team member chooses not to work your systems. 

My mission is to provide Systems Protocols Coaching that solves problems, provides solutions to get your systems highly productive. Let's eliminate the unproductive mindsets that keep your processes and systems stuck. 

 I've layered my professional and clinical knowledge with behavioral studies to understand why people choose to engage in behaviors that are unproductive and/or toxic. 

Identifying these behaviors in your practice and working to remove or change toxic people and/or environments is a game changer in higher production and collections.

Behavioral coaching with training, when needed, can open that mental door within a team member that gets them excited about their purpose in the dental practice and in life.  By providing the tools needed to manage and eliminate angry, negative behaviors team members are experiencing renewed acceptance by the team and embracing the vision of the practice. Now systems and tasks are done with enthusiasm and no complaining.

When your team is struggling to...

 Work overdue insurance claims...

Get the daily, weekly, and monthly checklists filled out and turned in


Get your OUTSTANDING CLAIMS worked to get your money

Get your AR's WORKING to get your patient payments coming in 

Get calls made from the unscheduled treatment report

Get calls made on  overdue cleanings and exams

Get "Thank You" for the referral cards sent out

Get a team member to post on social media


.Call us as..your problem could be an inner office team issue and not necessarily a process or systems breakdown. 

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Our Road Map to Success


To help identify the REAL problem, I approach every client engagement with the following roadmap for success:


  1. The first step I take is to evaluate individual team members, looking for signs of unproductive behaviors or patterns. As a certified behavioral coach for 15 years and a front office trainer I have the experience and knowledge to see the red flags or warning signs if you will, of an inner office toxic culture.
  2. Next,  I work to develop a sense of individual accountability within the team to start the process of eliminating unproductive behaviors and comments. Developing a highly functioning team, one team member at a time, helps them to work the systems with little or no resistance. A more cohesive team if you will.
  3. Focusing on systems training and process refinement is the last piece of the puzzle. I train on existing systems or customize systems and processes to suit your practice. This is a group project that I hold individuals accountable for a successful outcome.I do this with grace, kindness and assertiveness. When there is a healthy culture of accountability and a high-performing team in place, proficiency with systems and processes leads to higher production and collections as well as elevated patient care. 

Determination and accountability motivates me to bring you and your team the tools they need to get un-stuck. 



Remote Services Offered:

Daily Insurance Billing

Outstanding Claims Recovery

Administrator Remotely (Accountability with systems, protocols and minutia management)

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"Suzanne is simply amazing as a person and a dental business coach! She has  years of experience in the business and really knows her stuff! She cares deeply about her clients’ 

success. I am extremely pleased with her consulting company and I would recommend her to any dentist interested in personal and professional growth!" Dr. Dipali Thaker

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