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Testimonials: What some of our clients are saying!



Over the past eight years, I have been a client of Sue's. She has given me great marketing tips, guided me in establishing collections systems, and coached a few of my office managers to improve their effectiveness in their roles within the practice. However, this year Sue helped me change the face of my practice to actually reflect me. It may sound cliche, but when the student is ready, the teacher appears: Sue was a phone call away when I decided that my current office manager's behavior could be tolerated no more. After discussions with her about my practice style along with work/family balance needs, together we decided that my practice did not need an office manager. She supported me in the hiring and training process of employees who shared my visions and values. In a year of record low unemployment, there were some bumps in the road to find the right team, but Sue was part of our team throughout it all. Celebrating our victories with us or formulating a new plan when something did not quite work was part of the impeccable customer service Sue gives her clients. As I reflect at the end of the year, the changes Sue helped orchestrate, reduced my stress levels, created a happier team and patients, increased my profitability and allowed me time with my family which I cherish above all else. Thanks Sue!  You are the best.

Jan Williams DDS  Jan 2019

Testimonials What a few of our Clients are saying.

Dr. Amy Do, Family Dentistry
November 6, 2018 at 2:20 PM

Life truly is full of Surprises...after fighting Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2017 and subsequently finding out my office manager of 4.5 yrs was a complete fraud this year and left me with 500k A/R and 4.5 yrs missing payroll taxes I was in bad shape physically, emotionally and financially. I consider finding "Sue" a lining on my Black Cloud. She is intelligent, compassionate and reliable. I've had an OUTSTANDING experience with her and my trust and confidence in her has only grown stronger with time: -You need someone to complete remote billing? She's your gal. -You need a strong leadership coach? She does that too... -Do you need someone to provide structure so you can focus on Dentistry? Done and Done, Sue can do that amongst many other things. I believe I will be a client for LIFE. Thank you Sue

Alan Walters MD writes, "I hired Suzanne, owner of The Money Doctors, (original name, now Practice with Honor LLC) when I chose to separate from an associate and open a solo practice. I had already hired my staff but I needed sound financial and operating systems. The account receivables I brought with me had not properly been worked for years. Suzanne came in with her team and rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Starting with billing insurance that had not been billed, responding to requests from insurance companies, to talking with patients regarding their balance owed. My patients never knew Suzanne was not a member of my regular staff. The loved her. She implemented her financial arrangement system in my practice which has also reduced the outstanding accounts receivables. She negotiated my Visa and MasterCard contract saving thousands of dollars a year.

Suzanne came to me after the first day working with my staff and told me I had a serious staff problem. Two staff members were grossly underskilled and unmotivated. Suzanne coached them for a month. As the problems in scheduling and billing grew I knew I would have to let those employees go. Suzanne coached me through the process and assisted me through the hiring process as well. We now have what I believe to be a practice most doctors only dream about.

My life will never be the same. Her enthusiasm and passion for collecting my money, training my staff and setting up a practice that puts that practice "lightyears" ahead of the rest, is amazing and contagious. Her genuine caring nature has endeared her to myself, my wife and my staff. We will miss her warm smile and sense of humor and fun she brought with her everyday. I would hire her again without hesitation if I needed her.

Alan Walters
Alan S. Walters MD "
Fellow American College of Surgeons
Diplomate American Board of Surgery 

Dr. Douglas Bowman and Renee testimonial.

Dear Sue,

Renee and I want to thank you for your continued support of our office in selecting quality employees. 

Recently, with your help, we hired a new front desk person, who we think, with some training will be outstanding. The training manuals, you gave us, will be instrumental in her training.

We want to give you our sincere appreciation, and highest recommendation for all the support and training you have given our staff over the past 7 years. The management of our dental practice has been daunting at times, but we have always been able to depend on you for solid advice, and keeping us grounded.

Your years of expertise have been invaluable, and your network of connections has been superb.

Through these years we have become good friends, with an appreciation for dealing with the complexities of managing a successful practice. We can surely attest that our practice would not be as successful as it has become without your contributions.

Thanks again Sue, for a job well done.

Best Regards,

Dr. Doug Bowman and Renee Bowman (Fremont, Ohio)


Testimonials, client reviews from Satisfied Clients & Team Members


“Suzanne’s extensive dental experience combined with her Life Coaching techniques is a winning combination for any dental practice. Every office can benefit from her knowledge and expertise, ranging from increasing your office production to solving office staff conflicts. Her positive approach to life is contagious!” ~ Sandy Wilkinson, OM for Dr. Howard Farran (DentalTown.com) and his practice Today’s Dental

· “Thank you for increasing our production 52%!” ~ Dr. Douglass Bowman, Ohio

· “I personally just took over a dental practice in a small town called Fremont, Ohio. We were going along ok, but felt we needed a consultant to help build teamwork and help with our cancellation problems. I searched the Dental Town Message Board and came across Suzanne Robinson of Practice With Honor, and was I glad I found her. Suzanne and her associate Marie O’Neill RDH are very authentic, down-to-earth women who have worked in the trenches for many years, and have a lot of great ideas and suggestions to help you the dentist assume leadership, and help build staff confidence, so they can perform their tasks at a higher level. Sue can help your office in so many ways, especially improving communication skills, and confidence building. She follows up after she works with your staff to make sure they continue doing what they are supposed to be doing, and are using the systems put in place. I highly recommend her and I will continue to use her to continue to move my office forward. I highly recommend Sue Robinson and Marie O’Neill RDH for practice management.” ~ Dr. Douglas Bowman, DDS, MS, Ohio

· “Your practice doesn’t need a laser, or a Cerec, or — IT NEEDS SUE!! We’ve been working with Sue for almost a year. Almost a year ago I didn’t know if our business would still be open in a year. I was determined to try, but at a loss for what to do. We’d hit hard times in Michigan, and my patients were saying no to treatment regularly. We didn’t know what to do. Then came Sue. In nothing more complicated than some hour long conference calls every few weeks, from the other side of the country, Sue righted our ship. The economy in Michigan has gotten steadily worse over the last year, with many of our patients losing their dental benefits. Despite that, with the tools that Sue has given us, our patients are saying yes to treatment again, and we are focused back where we need to be. She helped us trim the excess fat and take home paychecks again. I’ll be honest, I think times are going to be hard for a while, that is just the way of it, but thanks to Sue, we have to tools to make it for the long haul. She is truly an angel.” ~ Dr. Daisy, AKA as DR. Dawn GK DentalTown.com Member

· “I want to tell you about a gem I found, Suzanne Robinson CC is a practice solutionist and certified life coach. She is the owner of Practice With Honor and has been on the front lines of practice building in dentistry for over 25 years. My practice and my life have never been the same. Over the 30 years I have been a dentist I have used several well known practice consultants, but they did not possess that unique understanding of building a practice like Suzanne does. She loves dentistry. She understands the mind of the patient and the dentist. She calls herself a Practice Solutionist, because she finds unique creative solutions to building a practice according to that doctors personality and philosophy. No cookie-cutter approach. She rolls up her sleeves and takes a personal interest in the success of her client and does not accept failure. She understands our local community, rural America, and that is a plus for me. I still consult with her when needed.” ~ Dr. Rodney Brimhall, Endodontist, Prescott, AZ

· “One and a half years ago, I acquired an existing dental practice that was in a state of decline. Sue has been a valuable advisor during the practice’s revitalization. First, she has been a terrific sounding board for me. Sue helped me identify and prioritize goals for practice growth. She strived to keep me on track and out of procrastination mode by setting time frames for these goals. Sue has provided easy, low-cost marketing ideas that brought new patients into the practice and kept new patients interested in us. Through her Life Coach skills, I am developing as a leader who can guide myself and staff toward achieving goals, while keeping the focus on work/family balance. Thanks Sue!” ~ Jan Williams DDS, Ohio

· “I am not generally a believer that miracles happen overnight, but thanks to Sue I do believe that they can happen in a couple of weeks. Our office took a downward turn. We didn’t know what to do. Then came Sue. Sue was seriously an angel that flew in and helped us gain control, regain confidence, and turn around our situation despite the terrible economic circumstances in GM country. After several hour long conference calls, we have increased our production and our new patient flow, and we feel really good about the future. She gave us very simple and affordable action plans that worked. Put quite simply, SHE SAVED US! I cannot thank her enough. THANK YOU SUE!!!!” ~ Dr. Daisy, DentalTown.com Member 

· “Suzanne Robinson’s ‘Living with Honor Seminar’ is a seminar whose time has come! My staff and I have attended numerous seminars, which directed us to design the proper recall systems, develop mission statements, write goals, etc, but none taught us to Practice Dentistry from our Hearts! Suzanne is raising the consciousness of all by teaching us to Live, Work and Love with INTEGRITY! Our office is now functioning at its highest state and having fun! Thanks Suzanne. ” ~ Dr. Diane Wright, LVI Senior Clinical Instructor

· “Sue has brought a tremendous amount of organization, positive new ideas and policies to our office. We have seen a dramatic increase in our production and collections, as well as a reduction in our no-show appointments! She helped our staff appreciate each other and develop a wonderful work environment. I highly recommend her for practice growth and success consulting.” ~ Natalie Choi, RDH from the office of Dr. Sid Davis, Flagstaff, AZ




· “As a dental assistant, I look back at “Before Sue” and think of what a “No Frills” dental office we were. Sure, we were friendly and courteous, but “After Sue,” we realized that there is so much more to a professional and successful dental office than being nice. Sue has an amazing get up and “git-r-done” energy, which is contagious. She possesses an ability to recognize a person’s strong points and activate them within that individual. Our office has undergone a lot of positive changes brought on by Sue’s gentle but firm push. Thanks Sue!!!!” ~ Jennifer Hurley, Dental Assistant from the office of Dr. Sid Davis, Flagstaff, AZ

· “The beauty and expertise of Suzanne Robinson lies in her ability to enhance the strength of an individual as well as the collective identity and ability of a dental practice. While identifying any weakness that may hinder a person personally and professionally, Suzanne guides with the wisdom and experience of a seasoned professional. Her tenacity and dedication is tempered by her compassion, sense of humor and love for the well-being of her clients, and the success of the practice. This is accompanied by her ability to understand the vision of a practice and those involved, which enables all to be successful through growth.

· Suzanne moves a practice forward efficiently and effectively with a modern understanding of the changing demands of patients and clients alike. This is balanced by a genuine desire to help others and to help them help themselves.

The work that I have done with Suzanne has broadened the horizon of my own capabilities and the gifts that I can bring to our patients and our practice. For this I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work with the wonderful woman I call ‘Synergy Sue.’” ~Cameron Juarez, Office Coordinator for Dr. Sid Davis, D.D.S., P.C., Flagstaff, AZ

· “I started the CASS Dental Clinic for the Homeless in January 1, 2001. The CASS Dental Clinic for the Homeless is now one of the largest volunteer dental clinics in the nation. We have several hundred volunteer dentists, hygienists, and assistants. We also have several hundred dental, hygiene, and assisting students. All of these community and student volunteers treat the homeless oral health needs in a comprehensive manner. The clinic does hygiene, root canals, crown and bridge, dentures, implants and large cosmetic cases. 

· Suzanne came to me several years ago and offered her services on a volunteer basis. At the time, I had no idea what she could offer, and how important her services would be in assisting us in serving the homeless. Suzanne immediately became a weekly volunteer. Not only did her volunteer time allow her to help the homeless, this time also allowed her to make a comprehensive assessment of our operations. Very soon after starting her volunteering at our clinic, she began working on the following. 

a. She put in place our AHCCCS billing system. We were just starting to bill AHCCCS for some of the work we do on the homeless. Suzanne streamlined our billing process. This allowed us to become much more efficient at our billing and increased our revenues from AHCCCS billing. This, of course, is a crucial revenue stream to a non-profit clinic such as ours. 

b. Suzanne built our website. Suzanne worked with Officite, and set up our new website. Before Suzanne built the site for us, she convinced Officite that they should donate the site and all of the monthly maintenance required. She then set about constructing our site for us. She worked closely with Officite on a daily basis to get the site up and running. She continues to work on our site to keep it as current as possible. 

c. Suzanne assisted with my staffing needs. This piece, I felt was the most critical piece that she brought to our clinic. Suzanne let me know what was working and what was not. She was able to articulate what I could be doing better in the clinic, how I could improve my communication with and management of my staff. She was able to see what employees should be doing, should be doing better, which employees are not appropriate for our clinic, which employees are being under utilized, and how the communications between staff can be improved. As I wrote earlier, I felt this is the most important aspect to get right to achieve a high functioning office. 

Suzanne continues to volunteer her time by assisting us in a variety of areas at the homeless clinic. I will tell you that she knows ‘the dental office’ inside and out. When I need advice in any area of dentistry…..my first call is to Suzanne. Once in awhile, I even call her for advice in areas not at all related to dentistry!” ~ Kris Volcheck DDS, MBA, Dental Director, CASS Dental Clinic for the Homeless